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Create your WishBox and let your fans support you by sending cash for gifts! 

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Your Privacy is our priority. We don’t collect your personal information like your home or shipping address.

All You Need To do is...

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    Sign-up with email to create an account

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    Click Create WishList on home page (side-bar) 

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    Easily Add products from the Marketplace or manually input products from any site 

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    Connect Stripe to start receiving cash gifts

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    Share your WishBox on your Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Link In Bio, and Exclusive Content Platform

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    Let the gifts roll in!

How to promote your wishbox...

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    Set up your profile and personalize it

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    Promote on all social platforms

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    Make sure the wishbox is linked in your bio

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    Send personalized thank you notes to fans


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